Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Congratulations - 900,000 Records Indexed !!

Congratulations to ALL of our wonderful team of volunteers!

At some point yesterday, 14 July 2014, we surpassed the 900,000 mark!

The Board of Directors congratulates each and every volunteer - whether you submitted one photo or as many of you have, thousands of photos.

Upward and onward towards One Million!

Thanks again,
Jim McKane, President

Friday, July 11, 2014

Thank You Note with Interesting Comments

One of our perennial volunteers, Cliff, received this little note the other day.........

I have been in search of my gggrandfather's headstone for more than 40 years, and am deeply indebted to you for this photo!! THANK YOU!!!!' Linda B......... G..........

which was followed by this response..........

Thanks, Cliff...not necessary, as I not only have a good enough resolution for my needs from what you posted, but I will be visiting the grave for the first, and probably only, time next week. Finding your site was VERY timely. I live in northern Michigan, about 600 miles from where my gggrandfather (and his wife and mother in law, all buried there in Notre Dame Cemetery in a single grave after the City of Ottawa shut down both Barrack Hill Cemetery and Sandy Hill Cemetery in downtown Ottawa in 1872 and then moved all the bodies in those cemeteries) is buried.
William Brennan, Notre Dame Cemetery, Section C, Ottawa, Ontario.
PS...also...your site was remarkably easy to navigate, so much easier than other cemetery websites I've dealt with. Your search engine actually works...LOL

Linda B......... G..........

Cliff, most certainly, deserved this thank you note; however, we also appreciate Linda's complimentary comments about CanadianHeadstones.

Keep up the GREAT work, Cliff!