Thursday, August 1, 2013

Thank You Note

One of our newer volunteers, Wilson, has already received this note -

Subject: Thank you for helping me find the bones of my ancestors
Earlier this month, I came across, and happened upon photos of some of my ancestors in Millbrook Cemetery, George & Anne McLeod, their sons William ad Donald, and William's wife, Nancy. In the same cemetery was another line, Kenneth McKenzie and his wife, Nancy.
As a child, I spent many summers on the family farm in Millbrook, but we didn't call it Millbrook then, we called it Union Centre. Kenneth McKenzie and his family lived there, and Kenneth's son Alexander married William McLeod's daughter, Jessie, and one of their children was my grandmother!
If not for the photos and the listing, I might never have found this. I had never heard of this cemetery growing up and all the older folks who knew something about this are gone now.
I just spent the morning in the cemetery! Thank you again!

S.... W....
Halifax, NS

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