Friday, March 29, 2013

New E-Book - Donagheady Presbyterian Churcn & Parishes

Donagheady Presbyterian Churches & Parishes, Co. Tyrone, Ireland
by Rev. John Rutherford, B.A.

First published in 1953, Rev. Rutherford details the history of the area, topography and peoples of Donagheady with some early history of the Church as well. Chapters cover the old First Donagheady Presbyterian Church; then Second Donagheady Presbyterian Church and is followed by the New Church created in 1933 when the congregations merged. These chapters include detailed account of the ministers, congregations and elders.
Other chapters are Ratepayers of 1856; Donagheady Wills from List of Irish Wills; Strabane Muster Roll c.1630; Poll Book 1661; Hearth Money Rolls 1666 and others.
Over 110 pages. 

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Saturday, March 23, 2013

600,000 Records and Counting!!

Another Wonderful Milestone - 600,000 !!

Congratulations to the Best Team of Volunteers in Canada!! 

Throughout the winter our dedicated volunteers continued to slave away pumping in new records from their stored up photos at the rate of over 650 per day!

And now that many areas of southern Ontario are snow-free again, some volunteers are beginning to snap photos of new cemeteries.

It is YOU who makes the project a success.

It won't be long when we'll reach the 3/4 Million Mark!

Thank you to each and every person - whether you submitted one or 1,001 photo!

Jim McKane