Monday, November 18, 2013

Another Milestone! 750,000 Records!

CONGRATULATIONS to ALL of our Volunteers!
We have, now, passed the 750,000 mark with new submissions coming in very rapidly. It is very gratifying to see such fantastic efforts and superb accuracy of the transcriptions.

The Board of wishes to especially acknowledge the support of the Niagara Branch, Ontario Genealogical Society as they strive to complete EVERY cemetery in Lincoln and Welland Counties. They have submitted over 37,000 records, already!

Keep up the great work, everyone!

One Million is just around the corner.

Jim McKane

Monday, September 16, 2013

Thank You Note

Volunteer Gord received this note of thanks for photos he submitted but which were taken by Teena.

I’d like to formally thank all of those who volunteered and donated their time towards this wonderful site/archive,! Thank you, Teena... from the bottom of my heart, for helping me discover the true location of my grandmother’s remains. I’d also like to thank Gord, for taking the time to enter the details. Your hard work and dedication has brought me much relief/closure and a smile to my face. Had it not been for this site, my grandmother’s burial would have remained a mystery. I’m so excited to reunite with my long lost grandmother and pay my respect. Thank you...
With much Gratitude,
H. C. R.
Congrats to both our volunteer for their hard work and support!

Saturday, September 14, 2013

The Restoration of Plainfield Cemetery, Hastings County, Ontario

It all started with Canadian Headstones! After completing three cemeteries in Hastings County, Margaret Asselstine was bitten by the history bug and needed to know more about one cemetery in particular – Plainfield – just off of Highway #37.
Having family in this burial site, it seemed to her that something was missing. Old records from 1970 obtained at Corby Library in Belleville listed about forty more stones than could be found when she attempted to photograph and inscribe the grave markers of all those interred there.
Not one to take a challenge lightly, Margaret felt the situation needed to be corrected, and set out to find exactly what and where things had gone wrong.
After having a “Quilt & Cuties” craft sale in May to help raise over $1000, it was time to go to work! A very wonderful person, Kevin Craig of Craig’s Mobile Wash helped clean the dirt and grime that had accumulated on many of the older stones. Acid rain is very harmful to headstones, and some markers had deteriorated to the point of being unreadable. Others had toppled over and lay on the ground for years, with some becoming completely buried under the earth. Only by digging in the approximate area were they able to locate portions of the headstones. Some were jigsaw puzzles to to restore. Other stones were found in piles of five to six deep, hidden in the bushes, having been moved from their original site when they broke away from their bases. Mad as a wet hen that someone would even move the markers just strengthened Marg's resolve to restore as many as possible!
With the help of her sister, Betty La Rue, and her daughters along with anyone else she could call upon, things were finally starting to come together, after spending nearly every day for a month at the cemetery. They laid patio stones on beds of crushed gravel, and glued the badly broken markers to the patio stones. Any broken headstones that were the least bit salvageable were reset upright, trying to keep as much of the inscription visible as possible.
Working with this wonderful group of people, she cut out brush, sawed down trees, and placed as many markers in the proper places as they could find. They worked in the rain, in the heat of the day, and in the evening - complete with bug bites! After almost two months of solid work, Margaret managed to locate all but five headstones listed in the 1970 works. At the end of the day, there are still two stones which cannot be identified and can only read a portion of dates.
All in all, a superb job well done – with the help of some wonderful businesses who gave them excellent prices, and a group of volunteers who worked long and hard with a great attitude to help restore a badly broken cemetery with very little funds.
In 2014, plans are afoot for adding a few flowers for colour, shrubs for shade, and some landscaping, then they feel their work will hopefully be done, but not forgotten!
CONGRATULATIONS to Margaret Asselstine, Kevin Craig, Betty LaRue and all of their helpers!
It is amazing the difference ONE PERSON can make!!

Monday, September 9, 2013

Thank You Note

Another of our hard-working volunteers, Evelyn, received this nice note for her hard work.......

St. George's cemetery Ajax ont. Have been looking for his and Hannan's graves for years. This would be my mother's paternal great grandparents. Thank you ever so much! My mother's father was Frederick & Lydia, then Charles & Catherine, then Frederick and Hannan. Thanks again! Who put a new grave stone there?  Marj.  --Would like to know where they lived. 

Our work continues to help researchers all over the world with over 15,000 pages viewed everyday!

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Thank You Note

One of our newer volunteers, Wilson, has already received this note -

Subject: Thank you for helping me find the bones of my ancestors
Earlier this month, I came across, and happened upon photos of some of my ancestors in Millbrook Cemetery, George & Anne McLeod, their sons William ad Donald, and William's wife, Nancy. In the same cemetery was another line, Kenneth McKenzie and his wife, Nancy.
As a child, I spent many summers on the family farm in Millbrook, but we didn't call it Millbrook then, we called it Union Centre. Kenneth McKenzie and his family lived there, and Kenneth's son Alexander married William McLeod's daughter, Jessie, and one of their children was my grandmother!
If not for the photos and the listing, I might never have found this. I had never heard of this cemetery growing up and all the older folks who knew something about this are gone now.
I just spent the morning in the cemetery! Thank you again!

S.... W....
Halifax, NS

Thank You Notes

Michel received

I simply want to thank you for gathering this database.
I recently found a photo of an ancestor's tombstone
using your service.  Our family is close to dying out.  
More than likely I'm the only person in the world who
would be interested in that tombstone.  And thanks to
you I was able to find it! 
I am sure there are many other people you've helped,
who you may never hear from.  But thank you from them

L... G..........

and also...........

Tout d'abord merci pour cette magnifique idée! Quel beau travail de collaboration! 
Une petite erreur s'est glissée dans la transcription de la date du décès de mon père : on devrait lire 2004 et non 2005.  
Voilà! Et merci encore! 
Longue vie au projet!

First of all thank you for this wonderful idea! what beautiful collaborative work !
A small error was made in transcribing the date of death of my father should read 2004
not 2005.
That's it! And thank you again!
Long life to the project!

Monday, July 29, 2013

Our Move is Complete! has completed the move to the new server. We, now, have our own dedicated Managed Virtual Private Server. Although, this increased our monthly costs almost ten-fold, the improved service, speed and reliability will be well worth it.

As with all other moves of this magnitude, it did not come without hiccups!  The first few days we thought everything was "tickety-pooh"............ oh were we ever fooled into complacency!! Suddenly, we found that the "Thank You for Your Submission" were not going out. This led to almost two weeks of detective work by yours truly and our programmer, Bob. As well, we had to take the Family Trees offline for a few days.Anyway, all those problems have been solved.

We are now able to report a much faster, secure and stable system for everyone.

Thank you to Everyone for your patience and support as we continue to grow and improve.

Jim McKane

GenDexNetwork Surpasses 31 Million Records! has now surpassed 31 Million records. It is a genealogical index (GenDex) which indexes persons in family trees on the internet. The first GenDex was operated by Gene W. Stark in 1994 when computer indexing for genealogical information was in its infancy. Many genealogy database programs can produce the gendex.txt file for submission to the index.

It connects the family trees to make one huge database. Clicking on a name in the search results immediately takes you to the same person on a family tree web page with their genealogical data. can be searched by names, dates and places of birth and death, includes all family trees in one search and requires no joining or membership to search the database.

GenDexNetwork is FREE and will remain FREE!

It is a service of!

Tuesday, June 25, 2013 - our newest website!

In response to many requests, is proud to announce another new site to assist genealogists and researchers the world over. ObituaryNetwork is a permanent archive for obituaries just as CanadianHeadstones is for gravestones.

We are fortunate to "go live" with the site offering over 16,400 obituaries courtesy of the hard work of Doug Sinnis from Nova Scotia. Doug has been archiving obits in his area for a number of years. He was our main inspiration! Thanks, Doug!

We hope you will find ObituaryNetwork useful AND that you will submit more obits to the database.


Monday, June 24, 2013

Thank You Note

We continue to receive thoughtful thank you notes as this one Gord received........

A thousand thanks for finding and posting the tombstone picture for Jessie McDonald, wife of John M. McCuish.

John and Jessie were my gr-grandmother's parents, which seems distant except that I knew my grandmother, and she talked about them frequently. Your photo actually brought me to tears - so thank you, again.

Marjorie B... O......., Seattle WA

Excellent work, Gord, as you continue to submit photos to our project.

Saturday, June 1, 2013

GenDexNetwork - Now Over 30 Million Records !!

Yes, you read correctly is now over 30 Million Records!

We have just completed adding the gendex files from a major genealogy website. We expect growth to continue but at a slower pace.

Again, if you haven't looked at, take a look!

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Thank You Note

One of our stalwart volunteers, Cliff, received this note recently -

Thank-you very much for taking the photo and writing the transcription of this grave.  It gave me the dates and the touching tribute the family chose to inscribe on their loved ones headstone.  It's very nice to have this, and it's thanks to you that I have it.  Sincerely, J... T.....

Keep up the great work, Cliff!  You know you are appreciated.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013 - Update

Our newest project,, continues to grow very rapidly with over 17,800,000 records as of this typing!

Indexing your gendex file is the easiest way to network your family tree so that "lost cousins" can be found.

If you have not examined this option, you are missing the boat!

Give it a look today!

Niagara Peninsula Branch OGS - Index Updates

Since the Niagara Branch of the Ontario Genealogical Society is now affiliated with we are posting their news bulletins going forward.


Niagara Peninsula Branch OGS - Index Updates

Surname Index - Contains over 24000 Pedigree Charts

Morse & Sons Funeral Home Records - Contains 19229 Funeral Records from 1828 to Sept 1963

Neff Young Index - Contains 19136 records of family histories, notes, newspaper clipping and memorabilia from Welland County 

*NEW* Branch Publications Index - Contains 7998 various publication records for the Lincoln/Welland Area

Please check back often as indexes are being worked on. 

Canadian Headstones Project - The Niagara Peninsula Branch continues to work on photographing headstones in the old Lincoln/Welland Counties. Just recently we crossed over the 20,000 mark and the number is continuing to climb.

Sunday, May 12, 2013 - Now Over TEN Million Records!!, our newest website, now indexes OVER TEN MILLION names!

All this in just five weeks!

If you haven't visited it, you should and learn how to participate in the lastest in "cousin finding" websites.


Wednesday, April 3, 2013 - a New FREE Service is proud to announce the birth of a new FREE service for genealogists the world over - indexes the gendex.txt file from your family tree website. This database creates an index of your family tree without you losing control of your valuable family tree data.

GenDexNetwork's database give your family tree much greater visibility while you maintain full control of your data.

For further information, please visit


Friday, March 29, 2013

New E-Book - Donagheady Presbyterian Churcn & Parishes

Donagheady Presbyterian Churches & Parishes, Co. Tyrone, Ireland
by Rev. John Rutherford, B.A.

First published in 1953, Rev. Rutherford details the history of the area, topography and peoples of Donagheady with some early history of the Church as well. Chapters cover the old First Donagheady Presbyterian Church; then Second Donagheady Presbyterian Church and is followed by the New Church created in 1933 when the congregations merged. These chapters include detailed account of the ministers, congregations and elders.
Other chapters are Ratepayers of 1856; Donagheady Wills from List of Irish Wills; Strabane Muster Roll c.1630; Poll Book 1661; Hearth Money Rolls 1666 and others.
Over 110 pages. 

For more complete details, please see the E-Book Store

Saturday, March 23, 2013

600,000 Records and Counting!!

Another Wonderful Milestone - 600,000 !!

Congratulations to the Best Team of Volunteers in Canada!! 

Throughout the winter our dedicated volunteers continued to slave away pumping in new records from their stored up photos at the rate of over 650 per day!

And now that many areas of southern Ontario are snow-free again, some volunteers are beginning to snap photos of new cemeteries.

It is YOU who makes the project a success.

It won't be long when we'll reach the 3/4 Million Mark!

Thank you to each and every person - whether you submitted one or 1,001 photo!

Jim McKane


Thursday, February 7, 2013

Plainfield Cemetery Poem

This poem was written by Margaret (Stewart) Asselstine in 2013 as she worked on submitting the photos for Plainfield Cemetery, Hastings County, Ontario.

Thanks, Marg, for sharing.

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Niagara Branch OGS Now Affiliated with CH

MEDIA RELEASE   Jan 30 2013

The Niagara Peninsula Branch of the Ontario Genealogical Society and have created an affiliation for the old counties of Lincoln/Welland.

Due to the overwhelming demand for genealogical information online, these two groups will work together to ensure the cemeteries of Old Lincoln and Welland Counties will be accessible via the internet.

The Niagara Peninsula Branch has decided to become a leader in this opportunity with to better serve the genealogical community. has a great site with multiple search functions to allow those to search with a broader range of parameters. Niagara Peninsula Branch has approximately 10, 000 photos from the region in stock we wish to place on and hope to continue doing so in the future.

The Niagara Peninsula Branch will continue to provide research assistance to the genealogy community – See our website for further details –

We encourage those who wish to assist with this great project to contact the Branch at:

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Thank You Note

We just received this thank you note -

This is not so much a question, but a heart-warming thank you. I've had trouble tracing my grandfather, who even served in WW2. He died before my birth, and I knew little about him. Your site is the only one on the internet with ANY mention of him. You have a full gravestone picture, which lets me know where hes buried and provided me more clues to trace my family. What a beautiful project you guys have, I will be donating in the next few days when I add funds to my Paypal acct. I literally cried when I saw his gravestone and the cemetery location. I hope the rest of your day is wonderful, and hopefully this msg re-affrims[sic] your confidence in your company, and the work you do.

From Za....... I......

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Thank You Note for GREAT FIND !

Volunteer Eric just received this note about a GREAT FIND for one of our users.

hi eric.

may i thank you so muchts to taking photo,s of myn reitsma fam.( heerke klaas(harry).
maiden surename boukje van der meer.
i loking over more than 10 years to find myn fam into canada.
they belong to myn grandfather his brother.
iam verry happy.
regards w......
Glad we were able to be of such great assistance! 

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Thank You Note

Volunteer Peter just received this note - 

Thanks a lot. You have a great website. I was able to locate a great
grandfather (Patrick Harte) and a cousin (John McAuliffe). As I live in
Switzerland I don't have anymore photos to upload right now, but will
encourage my family to do so. Your site is certainly a wonderful initiative.


Notes such as this make our efforts really worthwhile!

Monday, January 21, 2013

Thank You Note

Cliff just received this nice thank you note for his efforts -

Cliff on behalf on all my Adam ancestors in Russel, Casselman and other Ont. locations I want to thank you for the great job you are doing. I especially like your text format below the pic for those headstones that are difficult to read. All of the Adam Headstones in the Casselman Cemetery are part of my Tree. Now on to Russel. 

R.. A...
St Pierre-Jolys, Manitoba