Wednesday, November 28, 2012


Here is a great book of interest to anyone researching the Cowichan Valley area of British Columbia.
TALES the TOMBSTONES TELL: A Walking Guide to Cemeteries in the Cowichan Valley

by T.W. Paterson

ISBN 978-0-921271-00-0
(With easy to follow directions; diagrams; historic & current photographs.)

Soldier, sailor, tinker, tailor, the famous and the infamous–you’ll find them all, and more, in Cowichan Valley cemeteries. Most, happily, achieved old age and died of natural causes. But it was a hard and dangerous life on the Vancouver Island frontier and logging, hunting and farming accidents claimed many. Some fell victim to illnesses and other medical issues that, today, are treatable, even preventable, some chose to end their own lives, and some succumbed to their own or others’ negligence or malevolence. All of them have stories to tell.

Join well-known historian T.W. Paterson as he guides you to some of the most outstanding graves and monuments in the Cowichan Valley’s 16 public/church cemeteries.

Several Cowichan churches, in fact, now invite respectful visitors to wander among the headstones, many of which are sculpted works of art, to learn more about the men and women (sometimes their children) who pioneered this land.

Headstones, after all, are for the living. They’re meant to be read! How many times have you wanted to know more about the persons whose final resting places are so briefly, even teasingly, identified in granite, marble or bronze?

In Tales the Tombstones Tell, the author draws upon more than 30 years of research to tell you of some of the most colourful, most intriguing and most tragic of the several thousands who take their eternal rest from Shawnigan to Chemainus.

You’ll meet many of these fascinating pioneers in Tales the Tombstones Tell. 9x6x270pp paperback 70 colour plates $24.95

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