Thursday, January 26, 2012

Man Overboard!!

This article has absolutely nothing to do with Canadian genealogy but I thought it was very interesting!

Monday, January 23, 2012

Thank You Note

Our ever-producing submitter, Cliff, just received this note...........

Thank you so much for your efforts in photographing these Headstones. I was to happy to find a photograph after so many years. I will be passing this along to my many cousins. They will be most appreciative to finally see the HS[headstone] of our Great Grandparents
K.. A.. B..

It is always nice to know that your efforts are being appreciated.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Thank You Note

Our stalwart volunteer, Eric, just received this note........

Hello:  I just found this wonderful site and found some of my family.  I would like to inquire as to where you received the information that is written at the bottom of the page that shows the picture of the headstone for N..... A..... 
Also the information at the bottom of the page for Ida A..... E.... R.....
I look forward to your reply.  

Thank you for your assistance N.... S.....

Eric replied with the info and received another accolade!

GREAT work, Eric!!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Thank You Note

Evelyn, one of our many stalwart volunteers, received this note recently..........

I was linked to a photo taken by you of a headstone in Friends+/Quaker, Mill St., Ajax (prev. Pickering) (now Durham Co.) Cemetery while working on my family tree at It is for George Valentine.
It gave me goose bumps to see a photograph of a distant relative's headstone appear suddenly on my screen.
My great grandmother Elizabeth Valentine was born in 1849 in Reach Township, married John Hayes and moved with their family to Michigan in the 1870's. She came from a large family, most of whom were Quakers. You can probably imagine how interesting it is to find a Quaker Cemetery!
May I have your permission to use this photo in my online tree at I would credit you for the photo if you like but would need your name. Thank you for taking the photo and your consideration. That's the wonder of the internet and all the good people like you taking time to take photos, make notes and post online.

It is really uplifting to learn how much help we are being to our fellow genealogists from far away.

Notes such as this make it all worthwhile and help keep our noses to the grindstone!!