Saturday, November 26, 2011

Dowsing for Graves

Mrs. Myrtle Johnston
Mrs. Myrtle Johnson is shown dowsing for graves at the edge of the farmer's field in Maple View Lodge Cemetery, Leeds Co., Ontario. Her skills are amazingly accurate in the locations. Apparently, the graves extend out six rows from the fence line and down the hill to the left. She even claims to be able to discern the sex of the body in the grave. She has dowsed and located a number of the hidden graves in Leeds & Grenville Counties.

On a personal note, I have absolutely no idea how or why dowsing works......... for some people. My late father could locate an underground spring for a well within inches! Yet, I couldn't make it work at all....... unless Dad walked beside me and touched my shoulder or arm, then, dowsing would work for me as well.

One of the wonders of life!

A cairn in the fence row marks Maple View Lodge Cemetery.

Myrtle is the Editor and Genealogist for the Leeds & Grenville Branch, OGS. Her sister Lorna is also involved in the OGS. They both received awards in the summer of 2011 for all the work they have done. Back in the 80's, Myrtle and Lorna were major contributors to a project which recorded all the stones in all the cemeteries in Leeds and Grenville. Both sisters have published books of these old cemeteries. Myrtle was also instrumental as President of the Col. Edward Jessup Branch, UEL, in coordinating the effort to clean up the Wiltsetown Cemetery and several others. She vows that Maple View Lodge is next.

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