Thursday, August 4, 2011

Thank You Notes & Compliments

Compliments and Thank You's continue to come in. One especially nice one was received by Eric in British Columbia for his efforts relating to a query -

Hello Eric,
Thank you so much for sending me the website addresses and the wonderful amount of information you kindly found on the names I mentioned – it is very much appreciated, and it all slots into place... cheers.
Your Canadian Headstone Photo Project is a very helpful, useful and phenomenal database - and is a unique record for posterity. It is obvious to me that a great deal of love, time and effort has gone into it, especially as you don’t have any family in that area.
Eric, I must also thank you for going out of your way to search the amazing familysearch website, a site which I am now looking into in more detail... brilliant!
Kindest regards and good look with your future research,
All of our volunteers are to be congratulated on their very hard work and continued support.

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