Monday, January 10, 2011

A Non-Profit Canadian Corporation !! has completed its official registration as a Canadian Non-Profit Corporation! is no longer at risk of becoming extinct upon the death or incapacity of any single person. Just as any other corporation, it is its own legal entity which is required to abide by all the laws of Canada. To meet these requirements must hold regular meetings of the Board of Directors, file certain documents annually with Canadian regulatory offices and file an annual income tax return with the Canada Revenue Agency. We are not registered as a charitable organization. is no longer a sole-proprietorship but a Non-Profit Corporation with at least three directors who are forbidden from receiving any compensation for their services as directors.

The Bylaws state the Purpose of the Corporation as:
The corporation shall gather, archive, publish and disseminate genealogical, historical data or other records of interest to family historians, genealogists or other researchers.

As we move forward, we expect to have further exciting announcements throughout 2011.

Long live !

James A. McKane, Founding Director

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Anonymous said...

Congratulaions Jim, all your hard work and dedication has paid off.