Tuesday, January 18, 2011

NEW Group Update Feature for Coordinator Use

Enhanced Headstone Edit Features

Please refer to the snapshot of a revised edit screen, provided below. A new button “Update Group then Exit” has been added and the label for the “Update then Exit” button has been revised to “Update Current Record then Exit”. Update Current Record then Exit will function exactly the same as before.  
This update includes two new features:
1) The ability to apply changes to the group of records associated with the given headstone.

2) An easier way to navigate within the group of records.  The list of names in the “Part of a Group Entry” section of the edit screen are now clickable and will take you directly to the edit screen for that entry.

Business Rules for Group Updates

The new button “Update Group then Exit” will work as follows:
1. The current record will be updated normally. 
2. Each record in the group will be updated, but only if the record has not yet been approved (i.e. “On HOLD” or “TRASHed”).  Any records in the group that are already approved will not be updated as part of a group update.
3. The rules for updating fields for the group records (other than current) are as follows.  Please note that Rule #1 and Rule #2 above take precedence.
a. Surname.  The Surname of the group record will be updated to the new name only if the surname of the group record matches the surname (prior to update) of the current record.
b. Given Names.  The given name will not be updated on a group record. 
c. Cemetery Name.  All records in the group will be updated.
d. Submitter Email.    All records in the group will be updated.
e. Email Visible.    All records in the group will be updated.
f. Comments.  Updated to the new value only if the comments of the group record matches the comments (prior to update) of the current record.
g. Status.   All records in the group will be updated. 

Please note that the rules for updating the group of records will not make any changes to records that are a part of the group but have already been approved.
So, for example, if I have a group of records from the same tombstone where I’ve approved the first one in the group.  Move to the next one and then decide that the e-mail address should be changed.  I can do that easily using the “update group and exit” button for all but the first one (since its already been approved).  The administrator should be aware that the group update will not apply updates to records that have already been approved. 

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