Friday, November 5, 2010

New Cemeteries Bill in Ontario

Below is a copy of a message received by me from the Quinte Branch of the Ontario Genealogical Society.
Please contact your Ontario MPP to request his support for Bill 126 asap!!
We need protection for our cemeteries as each year one or more get bulldozed in the name of progress!
Please pass this on to ANY genealogists in your address book.

Tues. Nov. 2, Bill 126, an act to preserve all Ontario's Cemeteries, including Heritage and Pioneer Cemeteries was introduced by MPP Jim Brownell, and passed First Reading.
The previous similar Bill which passed two readings was lost when the House was perouged last Spring.  Let's get behind this  and try to get it pushed through quickly, before it too gets lost.
Saturday at the Exec workshop we were told that it was coming up on Tuesday and if it passed, we were requested to immediately flood our MPP's e-mail boxes etc. to show support.  Volume counts!  Apparently this will help keep this Bill at the top of the list, when the house is sitting.
Petitions are good, however it is the volume of individual letters, and/or emails, of support that get the most attention. 

To see the bill go to the following website and scroll down until you find Bill 126
I hope you will all help to spread the word!

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