Sunday, October 31, 2010

PHP Programmer Needed

We need the assistance of someone capable of amending the existing php code for as there are a number of small changes on our wishlist.

If you know of anyone who may be willing to volunteer a little time, we would be very appreciative.

Thanks, Jim

Finding a Cemetery

I have been asked, "How do I find a cemetery when I don't know the county, district or region?"

Well, it really is quite simple! Just go to the province or territory, click on Search; under Custom Search, leave the default Find Records Within All Province/Territory; change Where The to Cemetery; then use either Starts With or Contains; then type in part of the cemetery name.

This will search the whole province for your request,

Good Luck!

Saturday, October 30, 2010

!! Question Marks & Brackets Are OK !!

! Mia Culpa !  ! Mia Culpa ! Well, I did it again! Only this time, it is a BIG mistake!

When I set up, I was advised to not allow brackets and question marks as it created search engine problems. Well, thanks to my friend, Michel in Quebec, we have learned that question marks and brackets do NOT create any problems for our search engine at all. 

In fact, it appears that one single question mark is much preferred to using ``Unknown`` in place of an unclear name.

Brackets, also, create no problem. However, please reserve the [ square brackets ] for information added by the submitter and not actually on the headstone.

For further details, please see the Help & FAQ page. 

My apologies for leading everyone astray!


Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Quebec Quietly Creeps past 30,000 Records

Congratulations to the whole team in La Belle Province - Quebec!

While I wasn't watching, they surpassed the 30,000 records mark!

A great achievement by a relatively small group led by our wonderful coordinator, Michel. He has single-handedly provided all of the French translations for Quebec and New Brunswick on top of approving all of those 30,000 entries.

Great Job, Well Done by All!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

! Special Project Volunteers Needed !

We have a number of special project on the go at

We sure could use a few more volunteers to help upload and approve entries for these projects.

That said, we do not wish to add to anyone's workload nor take away from current projects you are doing for us!

However, if you do not have photos to submit and have some spare time, please drop me a line at

Your consideration will be appreciated,

Happy Canadian Thanksgiving........... Everyone.......ESPECIALLY our dedicated, hard-working volunteers.

Hope you have a healthy, happy and wonderful day!

Jim McKane