Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Why CanadianHeadstones.com & not XYZ Project?

Over the last year, I have received many email like this one which came yesterday........

Jim, I am very interested in your program and also have a question. I have found a program "[website] Cemetery Project" and I know they are working in [XYZ] Cemetery here in [my town] doing the same type of work as I have seen pictures of my parents stone. Is there duplication of work being done or do each of you provide different information? I really like the way your project lists what is on the stone as sometimes they are difficult to read.
[website] just shows a picture of the stone. Also, being able to contact [coordinator] was much more personal. [website]'s date of death for my grandmother is out by 10 years. I emailed them quite some time ago and never heard back.
Can you tell me what is involved in helping with the project here in [my town]? I have a digital camera and am recently retired and looking for something to do. Other than that what other skills do I need? 
This was my reply to the above email which I sent out a few minutes ago..........
Hi [name withheld] - There are a number of different cemetery projects on the go across Canada. They are "doing their own thing" but don't have the same attributes as our project. First you have to find the website which usually only contains a few cemeteries. Then, normally, you not only need to know the county but also the cemetery before you will find your ancestor and very few of these sites contain the transcript.

To date, I have not seen any other projects with the powerful functions similar to those of CanadianHeadstones.com

We have the easiest method of submitting the photos and creating the database. We have transcriptions for every headstone. BUT more importantly, you can search our database by province, county or cemetery looking in either the surname, firstname, cemetery, or comments/transcription fields where the field starts with, contains or sounds like the search phrase. This powerful search engine makes your quest so much easier.

Becoming involved is extremely easy! The best place to begin is reading our Help & FAQ page which contains tonnes of tips and answers on many questions. Then, I recommend setting your camera to a much lower resolution than you normally use. I would suggest using a resolution setting not higher than 1200 pixels X whatever. This gives you a clear photo which will not require resizing before submitting.

Otherwise, please type directly to myself or [coordinator] with any questions.

Thanks so much for your support AND Welcome Aboard,
Jim McKane 

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