Saturday, June 26, 2010

An Early First Birthday Gift !!!

Happy Birthday to - five days early - and Thanks for the Early Birthday Gift!! was born 1st July 2009. Here we are five days before our birthday and the best gift of all has arrived -

!! 75,000 Indexed Entries !!

Once more, I want to congratulate and thank ALL of our volunteers for their dedication, hard work and support. It has been trying at times, joyfully happy at others. However, we have persevered to come out winners.

We have created the largest website with both photos and transcriptions in Canada!......

.....and the Best is Yet to Come!!

All the Best to Everyone,
Jim McKane, Administrator

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InDebtAndHatingIt said...

That's incredible Jim! My Maine Gravestone Photo Project has been up for 4 years, and I'm passing the 4,000 milestone this week. 75,000 in a year is a remarkable amount of information to gather. Your volunteers are doing a great job!