Thursday, April 8, 2010


Congratulations to EVERYONE!! We have reached the 50,000 mark in record time!  

In just 10 months, YOU, the volunteers, have helped produce one the most successful genealogy websites in Canada!

It is only 11 months ago when I first envisioned this idea and began planning a possible website for the whole of Canada. I contacted a number of my good genealogy friends as a sounding board and the idea grew from there. I/we had no idea how successful it would become, nor what support we would receive.

All that said, we are heading into the summer months when I suspect the volume of submissions will increase along with the better weather across Canada. Therefore, I implore everyone to keep scouting for new volunteer coordinators as we will need extra help very soon.

Again, thanks again for your support,

Jim McKane

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Brian said...

Wow. That's incredible Jim. And what a great resource for those of us living outside of Canada and interested in tracing our roots back through Canada to Europe.